Why Should You Choose Charter Caribe To Manage Your Charter Yacht? We Have Years Of Experience Running, Owning, And Managing Yachts Around The World.

Our Approach Is Different From Traditional Yacht Management Companies In The Caribbean. We’ve Brought and Implemented Best In Class Yacht Management Strategies To The Caribbean.


We’ve Taken Our Years Of Experience And Developed Best Practices For Managing Your Yacht. From Crew Management To Yacht Service, We Take Care Of It All So You Don’t Have To. All Operations Regarding Your Yacht Are Handled By Charter Caribe. From Provisioning And Cleaning To Daily Maintenance And Annual Haulout, We Are Onboard Every Step Of The Way. Once Your Yacht Is Under Our Protective Care We Look After Your Yacht And Treat It As With The Utmost Care And Pride. Your Yacht Is Kept In Charter Ready Condition At All Times. If A Booking Arrives From One Of Or Many Booking Sources We Can Have Your Yacht Ready For A Full Charter Within A Matter Of Hours.


Just As We Take Care Of Your Yachts Physical Upkeep And Preparedness, We Also Manage Your Yachts Business Operations. All The Yachts In Our Fleet Act As Independent Businesses And Are Required To Carry All Of The Correct Licences And Insurance. We Manage All Of That On Your Behalf. We Keep A Minimum Of A One Million Dollar Insurance Policy On Your Yacht Including Full Liability Coverage.

One Of the Advantages For Placing Your Yacht Into Our Yacht Management Program Is The Ability To Have Your Yacht Owned And Managed As Its Own Corporation. This Provides Numerous Financial Benefits Including Strong Tax Incentives That Are Provided To U.S. Based Business Yacht Owners Utilizing Section 179-B Of The Internal Revenue Service’s Code. We Will Work With Your Financial And Legal Advisers To Set Up The Best Strategy For You.

Since Your Yacht Is Set Up As A Business, We Keep Complete Accounts and Books For Your Yacht. This Includes And Everyday Up-To-Date Snapshot Of Your Yacht’s Performance. We Provide A Complete Annual Report That Details All Of The Necessary Information About Your Yacht’s Charter Operation.


Your Yacht Will Have A Captain And A First Mate / Chef. It Is Important That These Individuals Are The Right Type For Your Boat As Well As The Charter Guests. We Take Care Of The Placement Of Crew On Your Yacht As Well As The Human Relations Side Of Your Yacht Business. Crew That We Choose Treat Your Boat As If It Is Their Own And Work Hard To Maintain The Yacht To Our Exacting Standards.


We Take Pride In Our Yacht Management Program. Our Approach Has Allowed Our Yacht Owners The Ability To Own A Yacht In The Caribbean, Without Having To Worry About Who Is Looking After The Yacht. As An Owner, Having A Good Yacht Management Strategy In Place Is Responsible Yacht Ownership.